Monday, March 14, 2016

Another Meal Plan & Weigh In Done!

I can hardly believe we are halfway through March already and my friends wedding is less than a week away! I still have one weigh in to go before the wedding but I have to say I am pretty happy with how 2016 has been going weight wise. This weeks weigh in saw me break the plateau and I was down 1.5lbs which brings my total weight loss for 2016 so far to 9.5lbs. To be honest I had spent so long hovering around the 11 stone mark I forgot how good it feels to be back at goal (well 0.5lbs away). I really didn't realise how much of a difference the 10lbs really made until now.

If you don't already take progress photos, I could not recommend it enough. It really helps to highlight the loss in a visual way that sometimes is not as apparent in other ways. These photos were taken 10 weeks apart and it was only looking at them side by side did I really see what 9.5lbs really looks like.  My clothes are fitting better, I have way more enegry and because I am planning my meals so meticulously I am saving money. Once the wedding is over I am really hoping I do not lose my motivation. The looming bridesmaid dress has given me something to work towards, but I think the past 10 weeks has given me a lot to think about. I have Monday off work next week, and while I may be off track for the weekend I will be right back on Monday with my new meal plan! 

Snack 2
Yoghurt & PB - 5sp
Club Sandwich - 11sp
Roast Chicken - 14sp
Porridge with Peanut Butter - 9sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Turkey Meatballs & Wedges - 12sp
Pear Drops & Fruit - 4sp
Scrambled Eggs & Veggies - 5sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Kung Pao Chicken & Rice - 12sp
Yoghurt & Fruit - 2 sp
Cheese Omelette - 6sp
Chicken, Roast Veg & Bulgar Wheat - 5sp
Yoghurt & Fruit - 2 sp
Eggs & Bacon - 10sp

Scrambled Eggs & Veggies - 5sp
Lunch with Bride
Dinner with Bride


Trying out a few new recipes this week and already have a couple to post. As usual links provided to any recipes that are already live on the blog! Will be back again before the week is out with a new recipe post and a quick update on my running! Have a great week everyone 

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