Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Challenge: Weigh In 12

We're entering the final stretch, only 2 more weigh ins until Christmas so its time to really make it count! I had my work Christmas part this week, and in addition I had a couple of unplanned events hit me this week and I was up half a pound. I also used up all of my new weeklies yesterday in my hungover state yesterday so I am starting out this week a little behind. I did manage to drag myself to the supermarket yesterday, in part to buy pizza, garlic bread and a donut to feed my hangover, but it means the kitchen is stocked. I wasn't quite with it enough to make soup for the week in work but I did manage a trip to Dunnes today without giving into my craving for a massive chicken fillet roll and have enough food to keep me going and on plan.

I am prepared and I can make it through the week sticking to 26pp per day and that is all I need to make it through the week with a loss. I am going to have a tough couple of weeks ahead of me in work but I refuse to use it as an excuse. I'm back out on the road tomorrow morning and back to the gym on wednesday. Running at the weekends is going to be tough with how much I have on so I really need to make the weekdays count in terms of exercise.

This week, apart from work, is going to be pretty uneventful until Saturday night. I have an early bird dinner with the girls and then drinks and nibbles at a friends before heading to town. I am going to have to be very creative with my 26pp that day, but I know I will probably go over. The thing about Christmas is, it does only come around once a year, so you do need to make it count. That does not mean its a free for all, I can still have my early bird with a couple of glasses of wine, but I will make smart choices while ordering, skip the nibbles and make sure to have a glass of water for every drink I have. I have an early start the following day so I think the water is a wise choice no matter what! We can enjoy Christmas, but remain mindful throughout! 

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