Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Challenge: Weigh In 11! Hello December

We're into the home straight now! December is here and there is only 3 more weigh in's left until Christmas Day hits! I am happily down half a pound this week. With 3 weigh ins left I do not think I am going to achieve my target of getting back to my goal weight by Christmas Day, however I am not giving up. I have 3 weeks to get as close as possible.

I don't know about you, but party season has well and truly hit for me. My party season usually starts with my sisters birthday the last weekend of November. Between now and Christmas Eve I have 6 days/nights where I know tracking is going to be difficult so the plan is to be perfect on the days and meals I can. I will be sticking to my 26pp and keeping my weeklies for my planned events. 

I find it really hard to resist temptation, but to be honest budgetary constraints are really helping me this year. It is not only friendly on the waistline but also friendly on the wallet to be prepared. I have my meals planned out and will be batch cooking my lunches. Any nights out I will be sticking to a strict budget which will mean I will have to limit my indulgences. Preparation is the key to so much in life, so lets get planning for a successful December! 

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