Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Challenge - The End is Here!!

We made it! I don't know about you but December has really just disappeared into a total blur! I have had a really stressful final week and I have had a good few slip ups, but for the most part I managed to stay on plan. I was down 1.5lbs in my final week bringing my total loss for this challenge to 11lbs. I didn't make the full stone but I'm pretty happy with how I've done.

I feel like I am back to myself again. The weight creeping up definitely had an negative effect on me and I knew I couldn't go back. I was out last night for dinner and I felt amazing getting ready and going out. I also know that I can always identify and pull things back before they get out of control. I will be a weight watcher for life and no matter what happens I have the knowledge and strength to not go back which I think is the most important thing!

I am so excited now for Christmas. I have one more day of work and then I am off until January 2nd. So much time to chill out and relax and get myself organised for 2015. I am going to sign up for my next race and get my head around a new training plan to keep me going. My running for december has been very sporadic but I am keeping it up, once I stop completely thats it! 

Now the challenge is over, it's not time to just give in to the Christmas eating. Christmas day is going to be a total write off but for all the days in between I will be as on track as possible. My goal is to come out of this without gaining anything and then take January to lose the extra couple of pounds to get back to goal! 

I have a couple of easy recipes to post this week to keep us going over the festive period! Happy Christmas everyone! 


  1. Well done :) you've done fab for your challenge :) Enjoy Christmas

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx