Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Silly Season Is Here!!

I love December! Each day makes Christmas feel more and more real, and I even don't mind the cold as much because it is again another sign that its Christmas. I have spent 2 Christmas' in warm climates and I have to say it is not the same. I almost feel like Christmas just didn't happen those years. All the decorations are up in the shops and there is a buzz in the air. Party's are happening and people are in a giving mood.

There are drawbacks to this, of course. The shops are an absolute nightmare and even making your way in the front door can be enough to drive anyone batty. Also the shopping itself, now don't get me wrong I love giving people gifts, but unless they tell me what they want I am awful at choosing. My heart is always in the right place but I have a track record of picking really bad things. I believe I have gotten better as I get older but it is very stressful trying to choose gifts.

Then the parties themselves, they are great fun but not without their stresses. Trying to find something to wear, worrying about being the "fat girl" in the room. Trying to have fun without over indulging and ruining all your hard work for the year, and then the guilt that comes when you go completely off plan. The temptation to just throw in the bag and "enjoy" the silly season by eating everything in sight in reaction to a couple of off track days.

We can fill this time with anxiety or we can accept that we may not be perfect. We will have slip ups but the key is to not let the guilt set in and move on. Plan and stay on track when you can, and if you really want to indulge then go for it. Plan your calendar so you know when is going to be the easiest for you to stay on track and when its less likely. If you are honest and really plan well you can succeed at whatever you want!

I am happy to say I am down another pound this week which is what I was hoping for. This weekend is my work Christmas party and we are off to London on Saturday for it!! I will most likely not have as successful a week but even if I stay the same or even gain a little I will be happy.  I have made a pot of carrot and coriander soup for lunch for the week (recipe to follow tomorrow) and I am feeling food and prepared to go and enjoy my weekend guilt free! 

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