Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Post Christmas Party Update

This week was my work Christmas party and we were lucky enough to be heading to London for it! And boy did I enjoy it, maybe a little too much. The food on saturday was actually very healthy and dinner was a japanese feast - the amount of alcohol I consumed was not so healthy. I couldn't even begin to count the propoints I consumed in alcohol. I had planned to have a weight watchers free day and if it had just been the one day I would have been fine...but I woke up with the worlds worst hangover (not surprising) and by the time I was actually able to eat anything that afternoon I just didn't stop: pringles, cookies, toasted cheese sandwich, pizza, wedges and garlic bread. 

I woke up yesterday morning still feeling the effects (I'm just not able for it any more) and I had 2 sausage rolls and lots of orange juice for breakfast. I did manage to reign things in at lunch time and by the time dinner came around I was being much more sensible having a pasta bake using the slim pasta instead of real pasta (recipe to follow this week) and it was delicious and just the kick I needed to get me back on track. 

I'm happy to say today was a better day and I stuck to my propoints. I also faced the scales a day late and I am not surprisingly up a pound and a half. There are now 2 weigh ins until Christmas and I have 2 full weeks before the celebrations really begin so I am fully on the straight and narrow now! 

We decorated the apartment tonight so I really feel in the christmas spirit! Temptation is all around, they have all the amazing food out in the shops and if you are caught off guard then it can be easy to give in. Heading into work with tins of chocolates and mince pies around can be tough too and of course visiting people who no doubt keep christmas treats for guests to hand. I plan to keep low and no propoint snacks in my bags everywhere I go. If you are faced with a choice then know what propoints of things are in advance, I propointed a few from last year here, and you can find a lot more around the internet. 

Two weeks to go and a lot can happen in that 2 weeks!! 

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