Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Is On His Way!!

Well this past week has flown by and in a few short hours Santa will be visiting! I am so excited, I love Christmas more than anything! I am currently at home on the couch about to make myself a hot chocolate to have with a mince pie! It is my favourite way to spend Christmas eve. We spent the evening preparing all the vegetables and stuffing for dinner tomorrow to make the cooking as easy as possible. 

I am absolutely taking tomorrow and Stephen's day off weight watchers. I will not be tracking or even thinking about a propoint all day. I will try not to eat so much that I am uncomfortably full, but to be honest a lot of what I love about Christmas is the food. I know come the 27th I will be waking up and pulling the tracker and weighing scales out again to count everything that goes in my mouth, and even if it does mean I see a gain when I weigh myself next I now know that I will lose that gain. I will be expecting it and setting a deadline for when it has to be gone again.

I had a bad weight watchers week this week. I was very busy and very unprepared. I ate too much of the wrong types of food and I was lucky that when I stood on the scales I was only looking at a half pound gain. Its not the best result for the last weigh in before Christmas but I am still ok with it. I am now nearly a year at goal and I feel in control of my weight. I do not feel complacent, it is something I will never just be able to forget about, but I do feel in control. If I want a few days off knowing I will face a gain I can do that, I just need to set a date and get back on track when I plan too. I have lost nearly 4 stone and I never intend on putting that back on! 

My hot chocolate is calling me so it is time to go. Wishing everyone the happiest of Christmas's. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true and the days are filled with fun and happiness. 


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