Monday, December 16, 2013

Only 9 Sleeps 'til Christmas!!

There is no denying that Christmas is in the air! Even the weather has turned and our lovely mild December has gone very cold and wet! Christmas cards are coming in the door and everywhere you turn the Christmas treats are out! 

It would be very easy to give into the Christmas eating now, but with over a week left until the big day there is so much to be gained by staying on track! Especially since this will be for many people the last official weigh in until January 6th. Even if you have had a bad week or two, don't throw in the towel with the promise to get back on track in the new year - do it now!! You could either lose 1lb this week or gain 3lbs, and thats even before Christmas Eve! 

Think about your journey so far, the struggles you have faced and the victories you have celebrated. How do you want to end your year, on a high or feeling a little defeated?

Weight watchers have been asking the question, what do you want this Christmas? Now is the time to really think about that. Do you want to lose weight over the couple of weeks? Would you be happy to stay the same? Or do you really want to enjoy the time and will accept the gain that goes along with it? 

The important thing is to set the expectations in a realistic way. 

If you want to lose weight then what steps will you be taking to ensure this happens? No days off tracking? Extra excercise?

If you want to stay the same, will you be choosing one or two days to "take off"and staying on the straight and narrow?

If you are happy to gain a bit of weight, how much exactly is acceptable? Are you going to have a free for all during the whole festive season and face whatever happens come January 6th? Or are you going to limit your excess to a certain number of pounds? What is your cut off point and what is your plan to get back on track once its all over?

If you do plan on gaining a little I would always recommend that you put a limit on it, a free for all is always going to be more difficult to come back from. The most important thing is you head into things with a gameplan. Know what you want and how you are going to achieve it! Is disappointment how you want to start the New Year? I plan on allowing myself a gain, but I do not want to go over the 5lb limit above goal. 

Now is also the time we start thinking of resolutions; what do you think 2014 can hold for you. I started 2013 saying that it would be the year I finally hit goal and I made that happen! Keeping a positive spin on things can be the best motivation. Though I have said it before and I say it again, be realistic! Starting the new year by planning to lose 2 stone in January is setting yourself up for disappointment! 

After my 1.5lb gain last week I am down 2lbs this week! Which I am pretty happy with. Going into this week with a positive attitude and hoping to be down another pound before I take a bit of time off! Onwards and downwards! 

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