Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weigh In 5 of 2013

Well my week was less than perfect - actually it started off pretty perfectly and I only really fell off track at about 9 o'clock friday night when the finger food was bought out at a wedding I was at. Of course at this stage I had consumed enough vodkas that my self control was non existant so I indulged in a few mini spring rolls and samosas with the accompanying dips. Luckily my boyfriend snuck away to get pizza on his own at the end of the night which is most likely the only thing that stopped me getting a slice.

The next day the vodkas took their toll and again I had very little self control. So there was brown bread, brie, full fat coleslaw and chickpea salad for lunch, steak and chips (made in the actifyer) with home made full fat mayo and pepper sauce for dinner and a starbar and galaxy ripple for dessert. Between those 2 days I was over my dailies and weeklies but I thought if got back on track the next day I would be fine. I got up and had a healthy breakfast and planned my week and felt good. Got up to my parents for dinner to find my mum wasn't feeling great  and they had decided it was takeaway for dinner. I got the healthiest option but still was over my PP for the day again. I think all the extra food I had has brought my apetite back as I have been so hungry ever since and went over by 3pp on Monday too. So i guess I was really lucky that it was just a STS on the scales on Tuesday. I have been so on track apart from that weekend that I think it definitely helped. I am back on track again today and hoping to get another pound down next week.

My leader keeps suggesting that I call this my goal when I STS, I decided that 2 un explained STS or 1 gain and I will agree with her. But I am sure I can get just a few more pounds down! 

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