Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lets Move More!

Move more, that is the weight watchers line isn't it? (I hope they haven't changed it for 2013) This is what I need to do! And lets be honest, its one of the  most common New Years resolutions, to get fit. Exercise has always been my biggest challenge. I have managed to lose weight regularly with as little exercise as possible, and now while in  my clothes I feel fantastic - without much exercise everything still "jiggles" as much as it did before. So while I am actually a hell of a lot fitter than this time last year I am carrying over that New Year Resolution for 2013. In the past I have never tracked my exercise points gained, but I might start trying to see just how many I can earn without actually using them. Then I can set a weekly goal!

So I got a set of kettlebells for Christmas and now it is time to put them to use. I want my routine to be
doable and maybe something I can build on as the year goes.

The monday to friday walks are just my normal to and from work, however I have decided to step up my pace in the evening. I can't really build up a sweat on my way in but I can on my way home. Being realistic about my weekends, the morning is really the only time I am going to be doing any serious exercise, but if I can fit in a nice walk somewhere pretty on a sunday afternoon all the better. I also am considering buying a bike so can fit some cycling in. 

So thats my plan! Will be starting tomorrow, though as tag rugby isn't back until next week am going to try substitute something else tomorrow evening. If anyone has any suggestions for how to improve this please do let me know, or share your own exercise plans or goals with me. Motivation is the key to everything, and support is the best motivation of all! 

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