Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weigh In 4 of 2013

After 4 weeks of seeing nothing but 0's on the scales I was absolutely elated to see that this week I had lost a pound. I know it doesn't seem like much but I worked my ass off for that pound to be down. I knew that the last few pounds were going to be the hardest to come off but I really didn't realise just how hard. I had to go really back to basics again, everything into my mouth was weighed out and preplanned. There was no mindless eating which is a really bad habit I had gotten into, eating something and tracking it after or even worse pointing it after.

In short I had gotten comfortable and complacent. This has been something I have been worried about happening the whole way through last year and I guess I was too busy worrying to notice it actually happening. I think what knocked the sense into me was the suggestion that I stop and call that my goal - the very idea that this was as far as I could take it made me so angry and made me want to prove I could do it.

So the last few pounds are coming off, even if it is just half a pound every 2 weeks I am not giving up hope until I have my eighth silver 7 and my gold card!! Here's to another week :-)


  1. I've lost 50 and 12 more to go, congrats on your loss x