Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Weigh In of 2013!!

I decided that I just couldn't wait until next week to get weighed, and because my usual class doesn't go back until Tuesday I weighed in today.  So I went to a lunch time one near where I work feeling positive, I honestly was prepared for the worst and would have accepted anything the scales wanted to tell me. To my delight there was no damage done, a nice STS on a week where to be honest nothing would surprise me. It's given me a huge push to get myself back on track in a big way.

I have 9lbs left to goal and 5.5lbs to my 4th stone. I am considering setting my official WW goal weight at the 4 stone mark and then working on the last 3.5 on my own and also as a goal buffer as well. I
have heard of loads of people doing this, but my only concern with this is complacency. I'm worried once I get my gold card then my motivation will drop a little bit. I am going to reassess when I am nearly at the 4 stone mark but I would love to hears others opinions of this plan!!

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