Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weigh in 3 - Beyond Frustrated!

I really do not going on any more, for the forth WI in a row I have seen nothing, not a gain nor a loss and to be honest I am at a bit of a loss as to why. The last WI before christmas made sense, the first one after christmas was ridiculously lucky. Last weeks weigh in was a shock but I suppose I didn't deserve the one the week before. But this weeks big fat 0 on the scales was absolutely gut wrenching. I tracked, I drank more water, I did more exercise so the results should have been there.

My leader suggested that this might be where my body is comfortable at and maybe I should call this my goal weight, I'm within a healthy weight by 1lb. I told her I would have a think about this week and see what the scales say.

I could have gone 2 ways when I walked out of that meeting - I could have believed her and decided she is right, 10st 9lbs is fine for my goal weight and in a way given up on my real goal. But instead I chose the other route and it just gave me the motivation and determination to break through the plateau. Don't get me wrong, goals can definitely change and we do have to be realistic about where we can get to, but I did not want to just give up at the first hurdle. This is the most challenging time of my weight loss journey and I want to do everything in my power to conquer it.

So whats the plan?? I took a look over my tracker from last week and what I noticed is my daily treat - a bit of chocolate at the end of the day, a bit more on a saturday night because I have nothing special to use my weeklies on. It's not exactly the best way to be using my weeklies, and most days last week I did dip into my weeklies thinking it was fine because I still had 12 left at the end of the week. I know everyone needs treats but I was relying too much on them since christmas. In the past I have given up chocolate in january and so this week I am giving up my daily treat. I am allowing my self 3pp for treats on sunday evening and that is it. I am also going to see how few, if any, of my weeklies I can use this week. It takes a bit of planning as I have some social events - but nothing that I can't work around.

I am also going to keep up my exercise routine. My upped exercise routine may mean I have been retaining water, but I know you eventually break through that and so I do not want to give it up. I have prepaid up until valentines day and I am going to everything in my power to break this plateau and then revaluate what to do.

If anyone has any suggestions for more I can do please please please tell me. I am in need of help!!

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