Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weigh In 45

This is going to be brief, its not good news I was up half a pound. I wasn't expecting it, had been good but I am prepared for the last bit to be tough. This is the weight my body stuck with for the longest so my body may just be stalling a bit! Not giving up, just have to work a little harder at it I guess!

Went back to tag rugby tonight and I surprised myself with my fitness. I will never be a fast runner, but the fact I ran for the whole match and didn't die. In fact I felt quite good during and after means my fitness is coming back. I may try jogging again though I really need a push to get going with this stuff. But even knowing I can do it is a great start.

Hopefully will have a few more recipes this week and a better post after my next WI. 

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