Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weigh In 43

Gonna be a quick post this week. I am down the pound I was up last week. I was secretly hoping for a little bit more - I wanted to be down a little bit more, I am now back where I was 2 weeks ago. Despite my initial disappointed I am happy. It is another step closer to goal and this close to goal I have to take every loss.

I have a treat tomorrow, I got a menupages voucher for L'Ecrivain and we are going tomorrow night. My first michelin starred dinner and I am so excited! Also I noticed their latest sample menu on the website has the calories listed per course. So I can make rough guesses to how many pp per dish. I wanna keep tracking this week so I can get my 50lb cert sooner rather than later!

Onwards and downwards!

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