Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weigh in 42

It was one of those weeks, and I knew it was coming. I was all over the place - despite my list last week I did not stick to any of it. Tracking went out the window, I had no planning done so I had no idea what I was eating day to day and I was just hungry all day every day. I had no control and I think that was my biggest problem. Its the worst sort of week to feel like that, with a bank holiday weekend its tough enough to feel like that.

I have to say I feel relieved that stepping onto the scales all I saw was a 1lb gain! I think my saving grace is all the walking I am doing now I live in the city centre. Anyway I have drawn a line and moved on - and planning is on the agenda this week. Have no major plans this week so hopefully that will help things too!

Good news wise it is Halloween which is my favourite time of year! Honestly I prefer it to Christmas. I love getting dressed up and this year was twice as fun as recent years as I actually felt like I could wear whatever I wanted and not worry about my body. Two years ago when I was just home from traveling 3 weeks and really very uncomfortable with all the weight I had gained I wore a box as my costume - I was a birthday present. The costume itself was quite cool but it was worn out of necessity, and I was not even at my heaviest ever. This year was a different story and I got to try out a costume that I've wanted to do for ages - a puppet. And I felt great in it, and fit into a belt that hasn't fit me in about 4 years so YAY! Anyway here are some pics of the 2 costumes so you can see the difference!

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2012


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    1. Thanks - Its one of my favourite costumes I've done. Have to start thinking bout next year now :-)