Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weigh in 39

Well its been a busy week, so I didn't have time to post after my weigh in. I've been busy moving house which is a nightmare. Have to be racking up the activity points with all the lifting and running around I've been doing. Also am now living walking distance from work so will be doing an hours walk every day just getting to and from work which can only help things. Had a treat of a takeaway and half a bottle of cava last night to celebrate moving day but I still have 17 weeklies left. So I am feeling pretty good about getting weighed this week.

Though going back to last weeks WI, I lost 1lb. There are a few reasons I'm extremely happy with this. It has brought me under the 11stone mark and 3.5lbs away from a healthy BMI of 25. Also 3lbs away from my seventh silver 7 and 4lbs away from losing 50lbs. So lots of mini goals coming up if I can stay on track, so thats my motivation. I also was happy to lose this week as it was my TOTM and I rarely lose anything that week, most of my gains or STS's have been during my TOTM, so to lose a pound even with a big night out is pretty good for me.

I had my 10 year school reunion last weekend, and I am so happy that I was able to go back looking like I do now and not like I did this time last year. Not that it really bothers me what they all think, its more about the confidence I have now. I wouldn't have enjoyed myself because I wouldn't have been able to relax. But it is also nice to have changed in the 10 years, I was overweight in school and lost the weight the first time after leaving, so its nice to go back and see them all with the weight off instead of just like I was when I was 18. So was a huge NSV for me!

Now I'm all moved and settled I will hopefully get back to cooking more interesting things and posting more recipes on here because I know its been a while. 

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