Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weigh in 41

I'm just going to dive right in and say how relieved, amazed and happy I was to see 1.5lbs come down this week. I swear it must have been a combination of the extra walking I'm doing and how good I had been the 2 weeks previous because I really lost the run of myself. I don't know if I deserved the loss because well tracking wasn't my strongest point this weekend. Against my better judgement I am going to list the worst of my sins. Confession is good for the soul and all that, I guess writing it down will snap me back on track - or that's the plan anyway.

  • Friday we went out for a work lunch. The original plan was to go to the counter - I could have got a burger in a bowl and been very good. But they were full and we ended up in Siam thai. Got a bento box with spring roll and red curry and rice. Smaller portions in the bento box but still notthe best choices. I did count this and pointed it asper my eating out guide. 
  • Friday night my friends came for dinner. Made a very healthy BNS risotto but one of them bought wine and so I had to have a few glasses. Still all counted and good to go. 
  • Saturday was a hungry day and I used a lot of propoints by dinner. And then some people came over and we ended up drinking more and heading into town. And this is where the tracking stopped. I know dinner was healthy and brought me up to my dailies. And I didn't drink too much, but I didnt count it and I had half a slice of DiFontaines on the way home. I did walk in and out of town. 
  • Sunday still decided against tracking again for some reason and went to my cousins for lunch. Lovely indian food, ate a good few samosa's and bhajis waiting for lunch, and then lunch was a delicious curry - but I could see the oil on it so definitely not propoints friendly. And then my sister made the winning cake from the great british bake off and so I had to have some of that. And then of course when I got home I decided to snack, toast, chicken, and whatever else was in the fridge! 
I ate well on monday but I didn't track at all. Written down its even worse than I thought in my head and so I really don't think i deserved the loss. But in fairness I did up my walking, putting some serious power into it too. And I drank a lot of water. I know am back on track and despite the bank holiday I am determined to be super good. 

My leader has my 50lb cert all ready to go and I only have 1.5lbs to go to get it. I want it in the next 2 weeks so I am getting serious! 


  1. You're doing really well, hang in there darling and keep it up.

    I have every faith you will shed all the pounds you want :)

  2. Thanks to both of you! A bit of a blip this week, but I will get there in the end!!