Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weigh in 40!

Another week and another pound gone! Never get tired of posting a loss!! Getting closer and closer to goal that it is actually starting to feel real. I really believe that this time I will make it to goal.

I know it isn't even halloween yet, and I'm already bringing up christmas - but there are only 9 weigh ins left until christmas. My leader said last night I could get to goal by christmas - but I noticed she has my goal at 10st4lbs - not the 10stone I want. I think that it is ambitious to get to goal by christmas. I always said my goal was 1lb a week, which would leave me 3.5lbs short of goal. If I am being really honest I didn't think I would be anywhere near where I am now - my original goal was to get to 10stone by June next year, and at this stage I would be hugely disappointed if it took me that long to lose 12.5lbs. In saying that, even if it did take that long I am determined not to give up.

This weeks meeting was all about setting mini goals - and this is something I have done through my whole journey and it reminded me it was about time to revisit them. This time I didn't quite make the last targets I set. Between the holiday, new job and general weight loss slowing the closer I get to goal - I was a couple of weeks out on the last 2. There are not many left now - so just have to be very realistic with them.

  • 20% body weight loss - 3.5lbs away Target: August Bank Holiday  Achieved last week of July
  • 3rd stone - 5.5lbs away Target: end of August Achieved last week of August
  • 10 stone bracket - 9.5lbs away Target: Mid september Achieve mid October
  • 7th silver 7 - 2lbs away Target: First week October  New Target: 2nd week November
  • 50lb cert - 3lbs away Target: Mid November
  • 4th stone - 9lbs away Target: Christmas!
  • GOAL - 12.5lbs away Not setting a target for this yet! 

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