Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weigh In 38

Down 2lbs this week! So delighted with it, would have been happy with anything. I know things slow down towards the end. And I am ok with that as long as things keep on moving the right direction. I got back on track with my fruit and veg this week, especially at the weekend. It was the big thing holding me back - was snacking on all the wrong foods at the weekends and just completely losing the run of myself.

I have 1 stone and half a pound left to lose. I cant believe I am just about down to the last stone. This is where I have always just tended to stick at in the past. And keeping in mind that the last bit is always the hardest to lose, I need to keep my motivation. So some things I need to do going forward!

  • Plan!! Do my shopping with a list, and write the list planning out my meals!
  • Drink more water! I lose my thirst in the cold weather, and have to consciously remember to drink water. Putting a postit on my computer in work.
  • More Fruit and Veg! Have a piece of fruit on me everywhere I go and keep bulking meals with veg.
  • Up the excercise. Now is the time I want to really push it to tone up and get my shape where I need to be. Harder in winter to get out but keeping the end result in mind and just getting moving more.
  • Keep tracking. Starting to let it slip at the weekend a little, and its a slipperly slope! Everything gets tracked, even if its bold!!
I have my 10 year school reunion this weekend. I am looking forward to it and so happy that I won't be hiding in the corner, running away from the camera and wearing some sort of shapeless sack tohide my lumps and bumps. Instead I will happily and confidently wearing a very fitted pencil skirt 2in1 dress, happy to be in photos and happy to talk to and see people!! Ideally my goal was to be in the 10's but I am not letting this get me down because I have to be happy with what I have achieved in just 9 months - 45lbs of weight gone! 

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