Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weigh In 21

And the results are in and I'm down another pound. Still waiting for my bubble to burst and this great streak I'm on to end, but I'm loving it as long as it lasts. But in reality what I've done to make it work this time. So here are my top tips

  • Tracking - I can't stress this one enough, it really does make all the difference. Every other time I've done WW my tracking has been hit and miss, but this time I'm tracking 99% of the time. I use an app on my phone, its always with me, saves a list of foods I eat regularly, has a calculator built in and it tracks my weight loss. But whatever way you find works for you then go with it.
  • Planning - On a tuesday after WI I like to look at what I have planned for the week so I can work my weeklies around it. If I have nothing on I plan a treat for myself. I also try to look at what food I have at home so that I'm not caught short. 
  • Bulk up with veg - I like big portion of food, I won't feel satisfied without it. So instead of making overall portions half the size I have seriously switched up my ratios. Much smaller portions of carbs, smaller portions of protein and way bigger portions of veg. 
  • Have healthy snacks to hand - Its always good to have some fruit or a low fat snack somewhere near by, in your handbag, in your car, stocked up at home, on your desk at work. You want to be prepared for whenever you get a craving. Now that fruit is free on the program, its much easier to plan for these.
  • Move more - I haven't really got back into the swing of exercising too much. Jogging isn't coming as easily to me now I'm a little older  (thats my excuse and I'm sticking with it) - but I am walking almost every day. You don't need to go from couch potato to marathon sprinter, but just do a little more than you used to and slowly build it up. It does make you feel great. 
  • And the most important one of all - ENJOY YOUR LIFE!! Don't make following WW a chore or you will struggle from day one. You can plan for almost anything and fit your favourite foods into the program someway, maybe not every day but you can have them. I love to eat out and do a couple of times a month. But I choose carefully, and plan in advance for my meals out. Because of this I don't feel deprived and don't have to tell friends etc no to social plans, or be the bore with the plain salad and water because I'm on a diet. In fact I think if I didn't mention WW, most people wouldn't even know I was dieting.

Anyway, thats what is working for me. Would love to hear whats working for everyone else so let me know in the comments :)

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