Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer's Here!!

So the sun has been out and that means one thing - ice cream temptation everywhere. Here is a list a few of the ice creams/pops available and the pro - points. If we are going to be tempted then its best to be armed with the information.

Loop de Loop - 2pp
Twister - 2pp
Super Split - 2pp
Calippo - 2pp
Solero Exotic - 3pp
Brunch - 6pp
Ice Berger - 5pp
Maxi Twist - 5pp
Feast - 8pp
Magnum, original or white - 7pp
Magnum, almond - 8pp
Magnum, double caramel - 10pp
Cornetto Original - 6pp
Cornetto Mint - 5pp
Cornetto Strawberry - 5pp
Choc Ice - 4pp

Bounty, standard size 59ml - 5pp
Bounty, large 100ml - 8pp
Snickers Bar - 6pp
Mars - 5pp
Malteaser - 6pp
Galaxy Cone - 7pp
M&M Cone - 5pp
Starburst Smoothie - 2pp

I know its not the same but frozen fruit is a really nice alternative if you are organised enough to have it ready, I particularly like frozen mango, banana, strawberries, grapes and blueberries. I prefer to buy these fresh and freeze myself if I'm going to be eating them as is and using shop bought frozen fruit in smoothies and desserts. Also you can make your own ice pops using sugar free squash, or just water with lemon juice/zest or water and mint (best to let the water sit in the fridge for the flavours to infuse for a day or so before freezing).

But I hope everyone is making the most of this glorious weather while it lasts and getting out there and maybe even fitting in a little walking!!

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