Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weigh In 20

Never been so happy to see a STS than I was this week. I have to say I was so good up until saturday night. I had kept nearly all of my 49 weeklies for my big dinner out and had only used 3 dailies. 7 courses and wine there was no way I was going to even be able to track it. So I just wrote off all my weeklies and the rest of my dailies.  Was well worth it, we went to Bang on Baggot St and I swear each course was like a little taste of heaven. Dinner was a real event, 3 hours it took and we had some nice wine and everything. It was just lovely. Now if I had just stopped there I may have been ok, but I was in a real grazing mood the next day and I know there is lots of stuff that I ate that did not go on my tracker. Then when WI day came around I was getting sick and very stressed out in work and so I ate rings around myself before WI that day. So needless to say a STS was a very welcome sight on the scales.

Have really pulled myself back into gear this week. Its all going down on the tracker - have a couple of events this weekend but going to be so good on myself and not have it fall to pieces again. I am aware I haven't posted a recipe in ages, but I just baked a lovely chocolate cake tonight so will post the recipe for that. And I'm thinking of doing a post on sauces and marinades, just need to put a list together. 

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