Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weigh In 18

I was so hoping for my second stone this week. I was good and stuck to my propoints - I did use most of my weeklies but I have been doing that a lot and its been working for me. I did a bit of extra walking this week (still nervous about my back injury so I don't want to push the exercise too much, though I did a bit of jogging on one of my walks). Up I got on the scales and I was down a half a pound. Now don't get me wrong, half a pound is half a pound and I am happy enough with it - but I am just so disappointed that I don't have my second stone. I know I will get it, hopefully next week, but I wanted it this week.

So I need a plan for this week to keep me on track. I am going to Leeds to visit my friend - and she is one of those people who loves her chocolate and sweets and is TINY!! If she wasn't one of my best friends I might hate her :-) We did a lot of eating together as children and it is pretty easy to revert back to that when I am with her. Last time I went to Leeds (last time i was on weight watchers) I gained weight. Now I was there for 5 days, I went straight after my WI and I did not get back on track when I came home so I definitely deserved it. I do not want a repeat of last time, so careful planning is in order. I'm only going for 2 days this time, and I have to be sure that not a single weekly is used unless I am in Leeds. Am going to make the best choices possible in the lead up to it. My current challenge is to use less propoints for my lunch to leave some for incidentals. Lets hope it works :-)

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