Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weigh In 12


After being very careful all week to counteract last weekend I am happy to say that the scales this week showed a glorious -2.5lbs. That is 20lbs gone in 12 weeks. Got my 10% sticker and book, and I am one third of my way to goal. I have one more pound to my next silver 7 so fingers crossed that comes next week.

I figured out why the weight I thought I am was half a pound lighter than the WW scales, my starting weight was half a pound more than I thought. On my white card the was a little squiggle beside the 4st 3 and that squiggle was half a pound. So I've still been right with what I have been losing, just wrong with where I started.

I have to say I am really starting to feel the weight off me. I feel lighter, more confident. My clothes are all fitting me better, this week I fit back into a pair of jeans that I bought last year and I was only able to wear for a month before they got too small. So I am making a promise to myself now, they next time these jeans don't fit me it will be because they are too big, and they will never be too small again!

And now to get going on another week! Onwards and downwards!!