Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: April Week 2

Its been just under 2 weeks since I started tracking calories as well as SmartPoints and decided to be 100% honest with myself. At weigh in on Thursday I saw some results for the first time in ages and I was down 2lbs. I have felt really good and found it easy enough to stick to my daily allowances. Easter Monday I was up and my parents and I resisted dessert with some ease (despite the protests from my family). I got an Easter Egg from my parents and it is still sitting unopened in my kitchen and I know that when I do finally open it, I'll be dividing it into portions so that I don't eat the whole thing in one go. 

This week I was out on Saturday for a day out with my sister. We don't get a chance to do much just the 2 of us and I really didn't want to be worrying too much about what I was eating and drinking. So I got up early, had a light breakfast and got my long run done (14.5km) and got myself ready to go. I felt like in the past couple of weeks my bloating had gone down a lot, and while I still have a bit to get back to goal I felt a lot more comfortable in what I was wearing and how I looking. 

We went to the Gin Experience in Dublin Castle and I have to say it was a fantastic day. I am a big gin lover and there were so many different types of gins to try. Everyone there giving out their tastings and the information about the gins were so nice, and very generous when it came to tastings. There were also some food pairings on offer...and not the healthy kind. Well to be fair we did have a few pieces of sushi, there were some sort of pork meat balls, a gin flavoured shortbread biscuit plus a lovely gin & tonic cupcake. And of course I had all of it! By the time we left, we were more than a little tipsy and kept right on going. More drinks were had as well as a burger and chips for dinner. So it really was a complete and utter cheat day.

I had planned for it though, and I had the makings of a healthy breakfast ready for when I dragged myself out of bed. I wasn't in the mood for much that day but I forced myself to get the meal plan and shopping done as well as throwing together some easy meal prep for the week. I have to say, I am still feeling the effects of my cheat day. Definitely bloated and sluggish - hangovers in your thirties are the worst. But one big difference is I am not really craving the junk food. I am so motivated that the junk is just not really interesting me at the moment.

This week is a busy week in work. We have an off site team training day on Friday which means I need to get 5 days work done in 4 days. The off site training day also involves an overnight stay on the Thursday night, dinner out, hotel breakfast and some sort of lunch provided. I should still be able to make it to my weigh in on Thursday but not stay for the meeting, but once I get to the weigh in I'll be happy enough. I don't have any plans this weekend though, so the plan is to stay active and not go overboard on my Saturday night dinner. I'm a little more focused so I am hoping despite it all I can resist the urge for junk and overeating and keep myself eating well and feeling even better.

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