Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan and Weigh In

I missed last weeks meal plan, I had an absolutely mental week last week. Monday night I was out seeing the Streets in Dublin and wasn't home until after midnight. That really put me a bit behind for the week. I also had some stuff going on work wise which had me running around a bit like a headless chicken for most of the week. I don't want to go into the detail but it ended very positively for me, but it was a lot of stress. While I didn't get a chance to post last week, I did not go off plan. I had a couple of extra drinks through out the week, celebratory and otherwise, but I really took advantage of the weather and upped my exercise last week. It helped that the wellness committee were running a competition for the person who could have the highest step count in one day last week. I came 5th and won myself a €50 voucher.

Almost 60,000 more than the previous week

So I have 2 weigh in's to update on. The first I was down another 1.5lbs. I mentioned my leader it was the first time the scales went down 2 weeks down in a row since before Christmas so was delighted with that. Last week I stayed the same, which I am delighted with. Usually the 2 weeks around my period I am up a few pounds. I even stopped going to weigh in those weeks because I was just so sick of seeing the scales go up. So a STS is an absolute win for me. This week I am feeling a bit more bloated than I was last week so I am unsure of what the scales will say. I have been a little more relaxed this week and I am slightly worried about that. Thursday after weigh in I went to a pub quiz, and while I had my healthy dinner I had a couple of drinks and ended up eating chips on the way home. I still had my usual 'Cheat meal' on Saturday which was Wow Burger so god knows how many SmartPoints. Then yesterday I got home from work and for the first time in ages I just went straight to the cupboards before making dinner. I was mindlessly eating things and I have no idea why. So if I am up this week I won't be surprised.

I did do the Dublin Night Run on Sunday night, and despite my training being all over the place I am really happy with my time. Official chip time was 58 minutes 25 seconds. By no means my best 10k result but delighted to still be able to manage a sub 60. My legs have been killing me since and I have decided to take a few days off this week to give my body a rest. I think I overdid the exercise a bit last week. I am going to get the foam roller out and give my body a bit of attention. I am also finally going to get a new pair of runners. Pay day is this weekend and I have that €50 voucher to go towards them (i think its only right the money won in a wellness competition goes towards something that promotes my wellness). I will also be signing up for the Rock'n'Roll half marathon and 5k after payday. I spent a bit of time last night putting together 2 training plans. The first starts on May 21st and will bring me right up to the R&R, and the second starts straight after and will bring me up to the Galway Bay Half. I am determined to get them both done this year. I have a few weeks just to keep ticking over my training and then its time to get the head down. 

Meal plan for this week is keeping things a bit safe. We are off to Belfast and the Giants Causeway this weekend so I will be eating out a bit, but hoping to make good choices where I can. I am really looking forward to the weekend though. I want to try and do more weekends away in Ireland over the year without spending a huge amount of money or taking any time off work. So this week is the test. We have an apartment booked so I am hoping to maybe cook breakfast for ourselves which will help keep it healthy and cheap. Either way, it will be fun and I can deal with the damage when I come back.

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