Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: January Week 3

My class reopened last Thursday, so after nearly a month away from the scales I finally faced them. I was hoping to have a full week on track before going back but the weekend was a little shakey but I was back on Monday morning and ready to have 4 great days. Then Wednesday my day just went completely haywire. A meeting that was meant to be over by lunch time ran on for the whole day and we ended up ordering pizza to keep us going (and full sugar soft drinks) and I just went with it. I spent so much extra time in the meeting so I had to work late which meant having a scone and chocolate bar for dinner. The next day was weigh in day, and I was doing well up until 5pm when some leftover sandwiches and pastries came out of a meeting and I went for it....less than 2 hours before getting on the scales, talk about self sabotage. Either way I got to my weigh in a faced the music - up 4lbs. Not so bad considering it was a month over the Christmas period where I hardly tracked at all. 

The nasty part over, I was finally formally introduced to the new Flex plan. I had heard most of it through the different facebook groups, instagram and blogs but I wanted to be sure I had the facts before I started properly. I was already intrigued, but after my meeting I was excited. The whole idea is that some of the leanest proteins now have 0 SmartPoints but your dailies are reduced. So you have to be a little bit more clever about your meal planning. Skinless chicken & turkey breast plus chicken & turkey breast mince are now 0, as are all fish except smoked, beans and pulses, tofu and some vegetarian substitutes, fat free natural & greek yoghurt and eggs. Peas and sweetcorn have also been marked to 0 which were previously pointed. This is not an exhaustive list but it does give an idea. Everything else is pointed the same as before which keeps it nice and easy, and you still get a set amount of weeklies. The only other thing has changed is that you can now save and carry over up to 4 of your daily SmartPoints to add to your weeklies, to give a bit of extra comfort to weekends and events. 

When I first heard about it before Christmas and I didn't have all the facts, I was a little worried. I love other types of meet, particularly beef and pork, so with only 23 dailies I was worried I would have to give them up or drastically cut back. The thing is, with all the new 0 SmartPoints foods, it is so easy to leave yourself with a huge allowance for dinner to have your beef or pork or whatever you fancy. I am still a little concerned with how much I can eat on this, and worried about eating junk on days just to make it up to 19 (if saving 4 for my weeklies), but I have been told you can go as many as 10 under your dailies (but only carry 4 of them over) if you have a day where you are eating a lot of the 0 SmartPoints foods. We'll have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks and how I settle in to it, but for now it has a big thumbs up for me! Would LOVE to hear how you are all getting on with it?

I was also totally remotivated for my meal plan this week. I decided to stray from my meal prep and rely on leftovers for lunches which seems to be panning out well. I also have a night out planned straight from work on Friday night, so I will be double utilising my leftovers so I can have dinner before we head out and not resort to food in town. And since I have no money and need to be on the last bus home, I should be limited in just how many gins I can consume that night and hope to fit them all into my dailies - we'll see how that goes. Trying a few more new recipes this week, but will be going over all the Hairy Dieters books to update them (first one done here) and all my existing recipes on the blog, so will be sure to get some inspiration there. 

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