Monday, January 22, 2018

Weekly Meal Plan and Weigh In: January Week 4

Last week was my first proper week on Flex and I will be honest as my weigh in got closer, I felt like I had done everything right but I also felt I hadn't lost anything. I was still feeling the pinch in my clothes and I was still bloated. Other than that I was feeling great so on Thursday morning I decided that no matter what the scales said that evening, I would be giving Flex a proper go for at least a month before making a decision on how good it was. I got to my weigh in and was down 1 pound in the week. Obviously ideally I would have liked to have made a bigger dent in the Christmas gain but a loss is a loss. 

What did I think of the program a week and a half in? I am loving it. I find that you definitely need to be organised, but it is so easy to make your allowance work for you. I eat so many eggs normally that its great my breakfast is so low. I am also loving having beans and pulses for 0 SmartPoints. I find that I am being more creative with my meals again and I am excited about meal planning. My meals are all pretty filling too which makes all the difference, and having greek yoghurt to snack on for 0 SmartPoints is great for an afternoon snack. I even managed to go out after work, have 5 Gin and Slimline tonics and only use 1 weekly SmartPoint from being clever with my meals that day. 

The only problem I have is nothing to do with flex, going a bit overboard at the weekend. I started out so will with my Friday. 0 SmartPoints for breakfast and lunch, followed by dinner for 6. That left me with 17 left for some drinks and bag of lentil curls when I got home. I used up the rest of my weeklies, and a few rollovers on Saturday night - but being honest I definitely went over them. I could have still been ok if I had a perfect Sunday but that wasn't the case. I started out ok with a big brunch and a few fruity snacks in the afternoon. For dinner at my parents I did quite well, avoiding the cream and cheese laden potato gratin in favour of extra veg with my pork chop (which admittedly was ridiculously big, and I probably undercounted for it). All okish, then my mum sent me home with some homemade banana bread for my boyfriend and for some reason as soon as soon as I got home I had 2 huge pieces with peanut butter. I have no idea why I did that, I wasn't even hungry. I just seem to keep sabotaging myself. 

I have my meal plan done and I am ready to eat well for the week. I am not going to beat myself up but if I don't see a loss on Thursday I will know why.  

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