Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: December Week 2

Christmas is in full swing and it gets harder and harder to resist temptation as the weeks go by. I haven't had a very good run on the scales the past 9 weeks. I stayed the same at the last weigh in on Thursday which brings my total weight loss to a whopping 3lbs.  I do have 2 more weigh ins before Christmas to add a pound or so to that so I am doing my very best to resist whatever temptation. The thing is, while I know I probably could have been better, at this time of year things could be a whole lot worse. If I allowed myself to get so disappointed and so disheartened that I gave up, then I'm pretty sure in the same amount of time I could have gained over a stone. So I will stick with it and hopefully lose another pound or two in the next 2 weeks. And once Christmas is over, I will get back to it again ASAP!

This weekend I had my work Christmas Party and I went a bit mad both on the night and the following day in my hungover state but I got straight back on it yesterday morning and got my week planned out. I am hoping I can pull it back enough and get enough running done to turn it all around by Thursday's weigh in! It was my last major event before Christmas so apart from heading out for Brunch this weekend (which my weeklies will more than cover) it should be plain sailing from here. 

My meal plan is done and I'm ready to face the week! I am off work tomorrow so the plan is to get a nice long run done in the morning and make the most of my time! Hope everyone has a great week! 

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