Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan July Week 4

I've had a tough couple of weeks when it comes to staying on plan. Between my mothers 60th birthday, my boyfriends birthday and of course my own birthday I feel there has been an abundance of treats in a short space of time. I lost a bit of motivation and structure along the way and the good summer weather hasn't helped things. Works also been a bit up and down with stress levels rising and falling quite a bit. The scales were starting to go up a bit and I was starting to feel it a bit in how I looked. Last Monday was my birthday so I took the day off blogging, but I managed to lose a pound at last weeks weigh in bringing me to 1.5lbs above goal which isn't too bad. But of course I then went on a bender of birthday treats followed by 3 days of being good and then a wedding. I was away on Saturday so had no official weigh in, but a sneak peak of the scales yesterday shows a substantial gain. 

So I have my head back in the game. I am organised for the week to come with my meals, and I have nothing too hectic planned to throw me off my game. Also, with only 2 weeks to go until the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I am off the booze and need to use this as an excuse to focus even more on my food. I need to fuel my body right in the build up and while I won't be focused on dropping pounds in the next 2 weeks, I need to be sure I am not gaining them either. If I have to carry this body for 21km through the city centre, i don't need any extra weight making it more difficult. 

I have to say though I am feeling really good about the half. I did a 15km run yesterday, and even though I struggled a bit at the start and had to take a few walking breaks, once I hit about 6km in I was flying it and finished with a great average pace. 

So meal plan is ready to go, links for any recipes are below! Last week of July, let's do this! 

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