Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In August Week 1

Little late with this weeks post, I really needed a restful day yesterday so I decided to skip my post in favour of chilling out and doing nearly nothing! I hadn't weighed myself officially in 2 weeks but a sneak peek after the wedding last weekend showed I was up a good few pounds. So when it came to this weeks weigh in I was hoping I would have seen a STS as the weigh in 2 weeks previously. Delighted to see I was actually down 1.5lbs over the 2 weeks. I was surprised but I knew I deserved it. I had been organised and on plan 100%, basically worked my ass off to see that result.

As great as that is, I'm pretty sure I undid all that good work over the bank holiday weekend. I seem to be losing the control again at the weekends. I do my long runs and I get soooo hungry after. I know its ok to eat some of the fit points when I do so much activity, but I seriously can't seem to stop eating after it. So since it was a bank holiday weekend, this weekend lasted a little longer than others. Keeping things simple this week in order to try and pull it back as much as I can. My main focus this week though is on the Half Marathon. I need to start upping my carbs a little each day in order to be sure I am properly fuelled for it. If I gain a little this week it won't be the end of the world.

I am still organised and have my meal plan done! Links to recipes are below the image!

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