Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: July Week 2

I had a bad week last week, I just seemed to lose all motivation and had absolutely no inclination to track what I was eating. My meals were mostly on plan, but I wasn't weighing or measuring anything. I was picking and snacking too much and I just wasn't paying any attention. By Friday evening I just didn't care and when my boyfriend suggested a takeaway I did not argue. So it was no surprise that I gained a bit of weight this week, I was up 2.5lbs. I have to say I felt pretty rubbish, the usual bloating and sluggishness but it just wasn't enough to stop me. It feels like a bit of a waste to be honest. I know I deserved the gain but I would rather have a gain like that after a big treat/blowout that I really enjoyed rather than just being silly and lazy about my plan. 

I thankfully have managed to find my motivation. I will be eating out twice this weekend, its my birthday next Monday and my friends wedding Friday week so there is lots of obstacles in the way. So the plan is to be 100% on track all week, right up to Saturday night, enjoy a few birthday treats on Sunday/Monday while not overdoing it and then back on it right up to the wedding. 

Keeping it simple this week with tried and tested recipes with leftovers for dinners! I got back to meal prepping on Sunday and made a gorgeous frittata for lunches. And finally, since I'm having eggs for lunch, I'm taking a wee break from my usual eggy breakfasts and having some porridge instead. So hoping by mixing things up, and staying focused I can lose those 2.5lbs over the next few days! Links for the recipes is below the meal plan, let me know if you try any out. 

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