Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: May Week 3

I had my usual weigh in on Saturday morning but decided not to post my results on social media like I usually do. I told myself it was because I was heading out and didn't have time and because I knew I would  be posting it here that it wasn't really important. In reality I didn't really want to put it out there as it wasn't the result I wanted. I gained a pound. I couldn't really pinpoint the exact reason why I had gained, but I think in general I had just been a little bit more relaxed about my tracking and counting. Work has been pretty stressful and I think my focus was elsewhere. 

I also had a bad week running, I was still out there but my distance and times were not near where I have been the past few weeks so I didn't build up as many fitpoints as I usually would in a week. So I don't think there was any one thing that led to it. I then proceeded to eat and drink my way through the weekend - enjoying the sun and being out and about is a dangerous combination. Yes we only get weather like this every once in a while so I allowed myself to indulge a bit on Saturday - yesterday I have no excuse for. I was up with my parents and I just spent the afternoon grazing on whatever I could find in the kitchen. If that wasn't bad enough, I injured my back on Thursday evening so I couldn't do ANY running at all over the weekend. I did do a lot of walking but not burning anywhere near the calories I would on a long run. 

So there it is, the line is drawn and I'm writing off my weeklies and starting from scratch. I am hoping to head out again running in the morning and see how I get on. No pressure on time or distance, I just need to make sure my back can cope with it. I am planning on some extra stretches tonight and if I feel any pain I'll stop. As much as I am so frustrated not being able to run, I need to look after my body and make sure I don't do any permanent damage. I have the Womens Mini Marathon in 2 weeks and while I would love to get a new PB, its more important that I keep myself fit for the half marathon in August! 

This Mini Marathon marks my 9th year doing it, and this year I decided to do some fundraising again. I thought long and hard about what charity to choose, there are so many worthy causes out there. I ended up choosing Mental Health Ireland which I think are a fantastic cause. They are a voluntary organisation that work to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in Ireland.  As I have blogged about here before, I struggle with my own mental health issues, so this is a cause close to  my heart. If you would like to donate, I have set up a fundraising page >:here:< . All donations are greatly appreciated!

So in the spirit of being back on track, I have my meal plan done and I am motivated to make this the best week! Nothing standing in my way! 

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