Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In: May Week 2

I felt myself getting a little bit comfortable in what I was doing this week. I seemed to be a bit more casual about using a few weeklies and fit points than I usually am this week, particularly as we had a bank holiday Monday to contend with at the start of the week. I also was starting my new position in work on Tuesday so there was a little bit of celebrating/anxious eating in preparation for that. I made it through the week and got to Friday with just 14 weeklies in the bank and we had a work night out planned. I had thought I would be good right up til we got to the pub, I would have 3 or 4 gin and slimline tonics and not eat too much of the food. Not sure what happened, but there was pizza in work at 5pm, and I had 3 slices and then proceeded to eat LOADS of the food in the pub. Then I got home and had another drink, some crackers and crab pate and some chocolate.

So of course by the time weigh in came around on Saturday morning, I wasn't surprised to be up half a pound. I'm still half a pound under goal so it's not the end of the world and sure life is for living, but I knew I was going to go a bit off plan on Sunday so had been hoping for a decent result at weigh in. I should have had a perfectly on plan Saturday - of course not, I had a bit of a cheat day and didn't track a single thing! These things happen, and it is the beauty of being under goal - I do have a few pounds to play around with. I need to not get complacent again and get focused on what I want!

Yesterday was a big day for me, I was at my first blogger event. Into The West Blogger Network is a fantastic blog network created by Saibh Egan and Sinead Carroll. I sometimes feel like a bit of a fraud calling myself a blogger - like its just something I do in the evenings and at weekends and I'm nowhere near the level of all those great blogs out there and I think that has held me back in getting involved in blogging events like this. Seeing the pictures of the past events hosted by ITWBN, they all seemed so friendly and fun I decided to go to this one. It was their 2nd birthday and so in the Connacht Hotel down in Galway they organised a brilliant day full of amazing information, inspirational speakers and of course loads of lovely bloggers. 

First up was Olivia Collins from Food PR & Marketing, telling us all about how the relationship between PR and bloggers works and can be beneficial for both sides. It was things I had never heard before so made plenty of notes to think about later. Next up was the most inspirational speaker I think I have ever heard. Nikki Bradley has been through so much with her health over the years but she just has the most amazing outlook and attitude towards life. I swear if you ever get a chance to hear her speak, do not pass it up. Will definitely be thinking of what she had to say whenever I need a little motivation or push in the right direction. 

After Nikki spoke we broke for lunch, some lovely sandwiches and little cakes for after as well as a great selection of teas on offer. It was a nice break to get chatting to some of the other bloggers. I tried my best to push myself outside my comfort zone and chat as much as possible. Everyone was so nice that it made it a lot easier, but it is still something I struggle with! I picked up some great new blogs to follow and of course some fantastic tips from people too (nice to know I am not the only one who struggles with twitter and snapchat). After lunch we got to hear from Gill Caroll who is the owner of a couple of restaurants in Galway and again she was just incredibly motivating. 

Finally there was time for a Blogger Panel, a few bloggers got up to chat about Social Media and how it works for them. Lots of tips and tricks and different perspectives on how to best use Social Media to your advantage. We also got the most amazing Swag Bag filled with goodies, which I'll be going through on my snapchat later in the week (I am determined to crack snapchat, check me out my username is ww59lbstogo) All in all it was a great day and I'm really glad to have gone (even if I did use up all my weeklies in one day). I feel a little more confident in calling myself a blogger and think that I will definitely try to make more events like this in the future. 

So since I officially used up all my weeklies yesterday I need to organised for the week so I can stay on track as much as possible. I missed my long run on Sunday so I am going to sneak in an extra run on Wednesday to try and do a bit of damage control. My meals are planned out to Friday and I am hoping to lose the half pound I gained this week which is absolutely possible if I just stick to the plan. 

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