Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hairy Dieters Fast Food! ***Flex Updates***

I was so excited when I found out that there was a new Hairy Dieters cookbook coming out, and one focused on quick meals. I have started using Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals more regularly and I love something that can come together quickly in the evening! I got this after work on thursday evening but only got a chance to really sit down and go through it properly yesterday when I started to work out the smartpoints for it. There are some great recipes in there and I already have 2 marked to try this week which I am looking forward too! It looks like a fab book. I have worked out both the Smartpoints for the count and the no count plans but I have not worked out propoints. Apologies to anyone still following this plan, and if I get a lot of requests I may go back and work this out, but for the moment I just don't have the time. 

***Update 2018***
I have gone back and amended the SmartPoint Values for the new Flex update. A lot of the recipes will stay the same, some have minimal change and some more drastic. No Count values have remained the same so are unedited. 

Just a few things to note on this post and the posts of the other books!

  • I am in Ireland and do not have access to the same e-tools those in the UK and else where have, so these values have been calculated using the food guides given in classes and the shopping guide. So cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. 
  • For the recipes that involve blending fruit and veg, I used the 4 smartpoint per serving of fruit rule to work this out. 
  • All recipes have ProPoints & SmartPoints calculated as they are in the book. No substitutions made, if it says full fat cheese thats what I pointed, semi skimmed was pointed as such etc. 

  • However, when working out values for No Count I made a few substitutions
    • Milk changed to skimmed instead of semi skimmed. 
    • Rice changed to brown rice (with the exception of Aboria and Paella)
    • Pasta/Spaghetti changed to brown pasta
    • Cous Cous changed to wholemeal cous cous
    • Rindless Back Bacon changed with bacon medallions
    • Pitta's & Wraps changed to the WW branded versions which are free.
  • Finally, please let me know if any of these are incorrect and I will check and update them ASAP. 

FlexNo CountSmart
Biker Breakfast Muffins - Sausage Patties111113
Biker Breakfast Muffins - Turkey Patties7710
Masala Omelette105
Menemen with Feta217
French Toast657
Apple & Oat Smoothie779
Avocado, Grape & Spinach Smoothie999
Breakfast Cranachan213
Stove Top Granola747
Cauliflower Rice Kedgeree406
Corned Beef Hash335
Soups & StartersFlexNo CountSmartpoints
Pea, Lettuce & Asparagus Soup225
Spicy Sweetcorn Soup218
Wild Mushroom Soup222
Chill-Out Soup102
Mediterranean Fish Soup124
Red Lentil & Bacon Soup107
Biker Chicken Soup304
Spicy Mussels215
American-Style Prawn Cocktail101
Salt & Pepper Squid103
Salmon Ceviche114
Salads & Savoury SnacksFlexNo CountSmartpoints
Harissa Vegetables & Giant Cous Cous404
Seven Layer Salad448
Summery Green Coleslaw002
Courgette & Chickpea Salad103
Green Pasta717
Smoked Trout Salad202
Quinoa, Prawn & Mango Salad304
Bang-Bang Chicken Salad324
Lentil & Merguez Sausage Salad779
Lunch Box Noodles (all flavours)557
Bread Tartlets444
Baked Tortilla Chips333
Spiced Popcorn202
Fuller FasterFlexNo CountSmartpoints
Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters112
Ham & Pea Fritters112
Grilled Aubergine with Chickpea & Spinach Salad114
White Bean & Tuna Fishcakes114
White Bean & Salmon Fishcakes114
Marinated Fish with Stir-Fried Greens3210
Baked Fish with Green & White Beans105
Fish Veronique335
Chilli Prawn Pasta718
Grilled Chicken with Fennel Sauce214
Szechuan Chicken Stir Fry (Chicken Breast)213
Szechuan Chicken Stir Fry (Chicken Thigh)878
Chicken Livers - Escabeche Style202
Pork Medallions in BBQ Sauce515
Lamb Steaks with Mint & Broad Beans111112
Steak with Cheats “Bearnaise”12614
Quick FeastsFlexNo CountSmartpoints
Thai Vegetable Curry555
Black Eyed Peas & Greens106
Fish Curry214
Fish Crumble9812
Chicken & Prawn Laska779
Turkey Keema Peas556
Sticky Chicken Drumsticks313
Cauliflower Pilaf (breast)214
Cauliflower Pilaf (thigh)778
Pork & Black Bean Stew7410
Beef Stir Fry636
American Biscuits444
Quick Corn Bread222
Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, SlowFlexNo CountSmartpoints
Slow Cooker Barley & Vegetable Stew (with BNS)404
Slow Cooker Barley & Vegetable Stew (with sweet potato)606
Slow Cooker Chicken Tagine10912
Pot Roast Beef141414
Pressure-Cooker Risotto778
Quick Chicken Casserole10910
Lamb Curry, Dhansak Style171718
Vegetable Dahl207
Pressure-Cooker Tomato Sauce212
Poached Pears555
Chocolate Mug Cake141316
Chocolate Mug Cake (with creme fraiche)161518
Speedy SweetsFlexNo CountSmartpoints
Fairy Cakes555
Crunchy Oat Cookies (chocolate)767
Crunchy Oat Cookies (raisin)656
Coconut & Carrot Macaroons444
Quick Individual Cheesecakes666
Instant Sorbet222
Iced Berries with White Chocolate Sauce777
Grilled Pineapple112
Raspberry and Orange Souffles334
Quick Rice Pudding101010
Quick Rice Pudding (with sauce)131313
Sweet Omelette446
Baked Bananas with Chocolate Rum Sauce666


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