Monday, May 30, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan June Week 1

I was away this weekend which meant I didn't get a chance to weigh in on Saturday. The weekend was a planned weekend off tracking and counting while I visited my oldest friend. We drank a lot of prosecco and not a smartpoint was even considered while I was over there and it was brilliant. I really believe that we all need days like that to keep us sane and motivated. I woke up this morning ready to get back to my regular eating patterns and no matter what damage I have done over the weekend I will manage to get it back down in a week or so. I haven't checked the scales, and will be doing my best to avoid them until Saturday.

One thing I didn't take a break from was my running! The mini marathon is next Monday and the Rock'n'Roll Half is in 10 weeks so I need as much training as possible. My pace has been a little up and down over the past few weeks but I am happy with how things are going. Last years time was 57 minutes 33 seconds so my aim is to try and hit a 56 minute time this year. I just hope to kill my last few training runs this week. 

New meal plan done this week! Even though I was away at the weekend, I planned the meals out on Thursday so the shopping list was done. Was amazing coming home to a fully stocked fridge knowing I was organised for the week ahead. I kept this weeks plan really simple as I know there is a chance I will be working late or a little stressed! Hopefully the weather stays good and we can all get out and enjoy some well needed sunshine! 

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