Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Weigh In

Another week, another meal plan. I am actually really proud of myself for keeping this up every single week so far for January. Usually I have great intentions but life gets in the way and I miss a week here or there. Maybe deciding to post them weekly has helped motivate me. I also think the fact that its only 6 weeks until my friends wedding where I am bridesmaid, coupled with the fact I am loving smartpoints so much, means I am not only motivated to stay organised I am excited about it.

I didn't have such a great weigh in this week, I gained half a pound. I'm ok with it. I had a serious off plan night at the Hen last weekend, and while I was 100% on plan for the whole week since then, I am not surprised that it still showed. We had afternoon tea (lots of cake), alcohol from lunch time, a full 3 course dinner and some chocolates, biscuits, jellies as well as the obligatory garlic cheese chips before bed. I also know I was retaining water so wouldn't have been shocked if it were worse. It's a new week so time to focus on working towards next weeks weigh in.

I also took my measurements at the start of January and then again yesterday and i have lost an inch and a half on my waist, an inch on my hips, and half an inch on my arms and legs so its working.

Baked Oats
Chicken & Veg
Scrambled Eggs & Veggies
Quinoa Salad with Chicken
Turkey Burgers with salad and Spiced Wedges
Cheese Omelette
Bulgar Salad with Tuna
Cajun Salmon with Curried Rice
Scrambled Eggs & Veggies
Quinoa Salad with Chicken
Cheese Omelette
Bulgar Salad with Tuna
Chipotle Pork Chops with Corn & Salad
Porridge with Peanut Butter
Quinoa Salad with Chicken
Dinner at Parents
Fruit & Yoghurt
Beefrto 3 Course Meal

I'm actually looking forward to all my meals this week. I'm varying my breakfasts and lunches just enough so they aren't getting boring and haven't repeated too many meals. I'm saving all  my weeklies up for a meal out on Saturday night where I plan on having all 3 courses and wine to go with, but if all goes to plan I should have 60 smartpoints saved for it and if I can shake this flu before then, a few fit points banked too!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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