Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Christmas Challenge: Weigh In 7

I've had a bit of a meh week, the weather has well and truly turned and the winter blues are setting in. I  am not a fan of winter. I hate being cold, I never seem to find a happy medium with winter clothing. I either over dress and end up overheating, or I don't wear enough and am miserable and cold. It may seem a little off the point, but I find it really hard to stay on plan at times like this. I am absolutely an emotional eater, and so when I feel down I want to feed my emotions with 'nice' food. I try to recognise it and readjust my expectations of what constitutes 'nice' food. Nice food is anything that tastes good, I eat nice food all the time, in fact when I am 100% on track my food can be nicer as I am a little more experimental with my food.

What I really mean by 'nice' food, is junk food. I want a hot chicken fillet roll with cheese and coleslaw and a big packet of crisps on the side, or sugary cereal with full fat milk (and def not 30g worth), toast with butter etc. Now taking this all into account, I managed to resist my cravings and stay on track this week but still saw no loss. Which I am ok about tbh. Since I have gotten to goal I have realised that when I stay on track I have 2 good losses per month and 2 not so good ones. This is the first of my not so good ones which I am ok with. I am expecting a small gain next week which I will also be ok with. Setting realistics expectations is really important in achieving goals.

I am sick today, so feeling even more sorry for myself, but am hoping to be back to myself tomorrow and either way I will be making wise choices bringing me closer to my xmas goal!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon... we all have those weeks and days!! BUT KEEP GOING :):)