Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas Challenge: Weigh In 9

Sorry for the late update but the flu hit this week and absolutely knocked me for six. I even had to miss a day of work which was not fun! So have been a bit behind in general this week. Also I can't believe we are at week 9 already, exactly 5 weeks to Christmas! I was down 1.5lbs this week which brings me up to exactly 9lbs in 9 weeks, right on track. 5 weeks and 5 pounds to get back to goal.

Unfortunately being sick has meant this week my routine has gone out the window and I am  not very optimistic about a good result on Sunday. Not going to make excuses, I was organised this week but I felt sorry for myself and gave into my cravings more often than I should have.  In my defense I haven't totally lost the run of myself, and most of my meals have been on track, I've just had the odd bad meal and one too many treats. I also haven't tracked so would be most likely well over my propoints. I am owning it and going to pull it back tomorrow and see if I can do any damage control!

Keeping it short this week, have a bit of a surprise coming tomorrow, but will reveal more then! 

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