Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 2 Training!

I'm finished week 2 of my sub 60 minute 10k training program and my motivation is at an all time high! My midweek early mornings are definitely proving more successful than trying to get myself out after work. I manage to get up on my first alarm at 5am (something I can never do any other day) and am out and back before I do it. Getting the pacing right can be a be a bit tough that early but I'm getting there and getting the runs done. One thing I have learned this week is jogging hungover is really hard. It was my dad's birthday on Friday night (Happy Birthday Dad) and we did consume a fair amount of wine with dinner. I thought it would be best to just get the run out of the way as soon as I got up, but boy was I wrong. I am just lucky that it was only a 3.2k because I really struggled with it. Next time I'm hungover I'll be moving to an evening run. 

Today was 8k and I was a little nervous about it. I decided to ask Conor to come along on his bike for a bit of moral support and to keep me going and it really worked. Even though he cycled ahead and waited at certain parts it was just nice having someone to keep up with. I knew I couldn't stop, especially when he was a bit aead of me and I found the 8k flew by. I'm going to start upping my pace gradually now over the next few weeks but I am feeling really positive.

One thing I had noticed when starting a new exercise program is weight loss is definitely affected for a few weeks until your body adjusted and this has been just a true this time. I am at the very top of my goal weight range and even though I am being great on filling & healthy the scales just aren't budging. There are more important things than the number on the scale so I am in now way panicking and I know that things will catch up. I am going to switch back to propoints for a bit of flexibility for a week or 2. I'll still be limiting my treats to my weeklies but I have a few recipes I've been meaning to try for  a while. And as much as I love my lunch salads I need a bit of a change.

Completely unrelated to weight watchers I have been meaning to get into baking and I got some lovely Hummingbird Bakery cookbooks for Christmas that I haven't really used. So I have decided once a month to bake something new from the books. This month was carrot cake and I don't even want to think of the propoints in this bad boy. I had one slice last night and a few tastes since but Conor is helping me out by eating lots of it. I also have bought some up for my family to have some too. If anyone is into baking these recipe books are fab, this carrot cake was really moist and very tasty! 

I think I'll have to try and coincide my bakes when I know we'll either be going somewhere to take them with us or guests are coming up to the house! 

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