Thursday, January 23, 2014

Simple Start Food Diary!!

I've been having such a great time on Simple Start and judging by my clothes I think I'm on track for another loss this week which is good. You never know until you get on the scales, but even if I don't see it there I'm still feeling good.

So I've decided to share a typical days worth of food while I've been following the plan! This is what I have eaten today - and you can see how much food I've been having! 

I had been getting a bit bored with porridge so I decided to mix it up and bit and bought some shredded wheat. I forgot how much I love the stuff. I know a lot of people think it tastes like cardboard, but I genuinely love it. When I'm pointing I am always conscious of how much milk I use and it's nice on SS not to have to worry about. I have my shredded wheat with a banana, its really the only fruit I can stomach in cereal!

Mid-morning I usually go for a bit of fruit like a satsuma or an apple but I had some of the SS jam that needed using up so I mixed with some fat free natural yoghurt and it was divine, way nicer than a low fat fruit yoghurt you'd buy! 

I haven't been too adventurous with my salads this week. I had a busy weekend so needed stuff I could buy in Dunnes on Monday and throw together in work and salads are the easiest. Today I had a leftover turkey burger made from dinner the other night so I had that in a WW wrap with some cottage cheese, salad and fat free dressing!  Really kept me going all afternoon which is what you need! 

Dinner was probably the most simple of the weeks but it was so nice. There is nothing like a bit of salmon to be honest. I baked mine in the oven with garlic and herbs and paired it with a baked potato, some green beans and broccoli! I also made a delicious garlic yoghurt dressing with a splash of tobasco which I will be making again. 

I haven't eaten this yet but it will be my 2 treats for today. I discovered this the other night and it is AMAZING! So simple but so tasty and feels like a real treat. Take 150g low fat custard and heat in the microwave. When its hot drop in a WW coconut slice and give it another 10-20 seconds in the microwave to soften the cake (has anyone else noticed the cake slices are dryer since they package them in the individual packs??) and try not to burn your mouth by eating this bowl of tastiness to quickly! 

I am still off chocolate and alcohol for January, but on Feb 1st I will be buying the WW belgian choc slices to try this concoction with them as I think it will be divine!! Has anyone else discovered any F&H or SS treats they didn't know about before?? 

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