Saturday, January 18, 2014

Change is for the Best!

So week one of Simple Start is done and I am happy to report I have lost 2.5lbs! I had felt like I may have lost more but I am still delighted with this. It brings me back to just 1lb above goal and to be honest how can I expect huge losses when I am pretty much at my goal weight. People have noticed the weight loss this week again, and I can feel it in my clothes again.

On top of all this I feel better. The foods I was eating this week kept me full and made me feel good. It was easy to stick to and I didn't gorge on huge portions of food like I thought I might given all the freedon. I have decided since I am off alcohol & chocolate anyway anyway I am going to stick to Simple Start with the 2 daily treats for another week. After that I think I will stick with filling & healthy for Monday to Friday and then switch to propoints for the weekend for a little added flexibility!

I'd like to try this year to lose those last 8lbs and see if I can make it to my original goal of 10 stone. It'll be tough going but I have a new found determination this year to see where I can go with this! Temptation is everywhere but I have rediscovered this week that resisting and sticking to your plan brings a sense of achievement that feels so much better than any food does!

So here's to 2014 being another year of good health and good choices! 

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