Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Everything's Just Glorious!

I have been a bit lazy about my lunches the past few weeks, lets call it a Christmas hangover and so I have been buying soups to take to work with me. I also haven't made it to a meeting yet so I don't feel I have enough information to give Simple Start a go so I am still counting propoints. I usually feel a bit bad about not making my own as they are not as tasty or as kind to the pocket. I think the reason I have kept this going so long is I have discovered the tastiest low propoint convenience soups out there! I would def recommend making your own in general, but if you find yourself in the mood for something easy - or stuck for lunch one day, then grab one of these.

They do a skinny range and I have tried 4 out of the 5 flavours, but interestingly 2 of their "meal soups" would be just as low in propoints as their skinny soups so these are next on my list to try!

This was the first of their soups I tried and it is DELISH! Its also the lowest in propoints. It is so far my favourite of them all. There is loads of flavour and it is so filling too. One serving of this (half a tub) will set you back 2 propoints, but if you are feeling extra hungry a whole tub is 5 propoints.

This one I tried for the first time this monday and I was very impressed. It is a little sweeter tasting than the others but it has great texture from the lentils and I would say it would be difficult to eat a whole pot for your lunch its that filling. One serving will cost you 4 propoints and a full pot is 8 propoints.

The Keralan summer is a little spicy but not in an overpowering way. Like the others, full of complex flavours from all the spices and another winner here. One serving is 3 propoints but a full pot is 7 propoints.

Ah our old weight watchers staple butternut squash. I usually don't buy butternut squash soup as it is the easiest soup to make yourself, but as I loved all the others so much I had to give this one a go. I wasn't disappointed. This comes in close second to the North African Vegetable, again a little spicy with a hint of sweet that is very moorish and warming! One serving of this is 3 propoints and a full pot is 6 propoints. 

The next few I haven't actually tasted, but I have worked out the propoints and they are all next on my list to try! 

This is the last of the Skinny range and one serving of this is 3 propoints but a full pot is only 5 propoints.

One of their Meal Soup range, you wouldn't imagine this to be low cal but one serving of this is only 4 propoints and the full pot is 8 propoints!

Two people in work had this one today and I was jealous because they both said how amazing it was, one even said it was the best he ever had. When I saw it wasn't one of their skinny range I was sure it would be high in propoints so I was delighted to discover that half a pot of this is only 3 propoints and a full pot is 6 propoints....result! If I wasn't starting simple start this weekend it would be on my shopping list for sure! 

So there you have it, for those of you who haven't tried simple start yet or those that are sticking with propoints - these soups are a great find! 

I'm aiming to get to a meeting Saturday morning to find out officially if I have lost my Christmas weight. I also want to find out everything I can so I can give it a good go next week. I'll keep you in the loop as to how I get on! 

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  1. The New England BNS version is just FABULOUS! I adore it and only 6PP for the whole tub! Seriously I love my trip to Dunnes to get it! Only get it rarely though as I love my zero pp soup always but just fab :) Need to try the other varieties also :)