Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pesto Style Dressing!

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I bought a bunch of basil the other night and I was planing on just tearing it into some roasted veg, but for some reason I got thinking about my FAVOURITE bagel for itsa bagel....the californian. The sauce in it is basil mayo and it is so delicious! I also needed some sort of sauce to go with the haddock so I decided I would try and recreate the basil 'mayo' but make it Simple Start friendly. Because I added some garlic (which I love) and used some quark cheese, the result was like a creamy pesto dressing. 

I served it with some roasted haddock and veg but it would go with just about anything to be honest and I'm excited to try it in a sandwich and maybe even try to recreate the californian using a bagel slim. Finally, I actually this would be great stirred through pasta to make a creamy pasta pesto dish! Its my favourite simple sauce I have made. 

This is filling and healthy/no count friendly but for those of you following propoints then there is 3pp/3sp in the whole recipe!

1/2 bunch of basil leaves (the small packs you buy in the supermarket)
3 heaped tablespoons fat free yoghurt
200g  quark
1 garlic clove
salt & pepper

Place all the ingredients except the salt & pepper in a mini food processor and blend. Blend until smooth and then season to taste. If you don't have a food processor you can use a stick blender either. 

Not a great picture of what it looks like, but I promise it is so tasty! 


  1. Just about to go to the supermarket will be buying some basil and giving this a try. Can't wait to try it with some pasta with a few pine nuts as a treat. Thanks

    1. Please let me know what you think! Still haven't tried it with pasta yet but its on the menu for this week! Just be careful stirring it through the hot pasta gradually so it doesn't curdle but it should be fine!

  2. Replies
    1. You could use all yoghurt but it would be a bit thinner or you could use xtra light mayo and just adjust the smartpoints. I haven't tried either variation so I am not sure if the taste would be the same, but the major flavour should be the basil either way.

    2. thanks :) will try with the xl mayo