Monday, April 8, 2013

So This Happened....

I'm in the latest Weight Watchers supplement in the RTE guide!!!! I have been dying for it to come out and almost afraid to post or talk about it in case I dreamed the whole thing. But there I was, on the cover of the RTE guide when I popped into Tesco this morning on my way too work. I actually still can't believe its me. I had always wanted
to be one of the people they featured in the magazines but because I could never make goal I never thought it would happen. And then when I finally did get to goal I just didn't think I'd be lucky enough or my story interesting enough.

I got the call about a month ago and it all happened so quickly after that, the shoot was organised less than a week later and it was all systems go. The day of the shoot was amazing but it went by in a bit of a haze. I first had to meet with the stylist - the lovely Ann for Debenhams. I got to try on all the clothes to make sure they were right which was lovely in itself. Was so nice having a bit of fuss made over me. Once that was over time to jump in the car and head over to RTE for the actual shoot!!

There were two others there that day that were included in the shoot as well as some RTE employees, so weight watcher employees, Ann from Debenhams, hair and makeup and of course the photographer. Everyone was so nice which made the day that much more special. First on the agenda was hair and makeup - I was in LOVE with the way my hair was. I chopped it all off the week I got to goal and while I like the cut now, it took me a while to come to terms with it. After the shoot I became a bit braver about trying to style it new ways. While I can't make it look as amazing as it does in the pictures I'm getting close. 

After that it was time to go and and pose. We each had 3 outfits to wear and I loved all of mine. In particular the shoes - they were from Jessica Simpsons range. I am still toying around with the idea of buying them but I do not really wear heels enough for it to be worth it. I did however buy the jeans and the top above, I felt so good in them and still do! Would love to buy everything else I got to wear, but alas I am not rich enough. One day maybe. We did a few group shots and then ones on our own. Very strange being directed in how to stand and what to do and in some cases even having body parts physically moved - also very strange having so much attention on me, not sure that is something I would get used to . The day seemed to fly by and even though it was only a few weeks ago it seems now like a distant memory. I am so very grateful to be chosen for this. It is a real honour that weight watchers think my story is worth sharing. This blog has been such a help to me on my journey and it is still helping me stay at my goal weight. Focus is something that has been key and laying my thoughts and tracking my progress has been instrumental to keeping my focus on the end goal. I would recommend finding a way to track not only your food, but also your progress and your thoughts and feelings along the way, be that in public like this or in a private journal just for you. Nothing gets me back on track after a bad few days as reading back over some of my previous weeks feelings!

In other news, not quite as exciting but still a nice thing that happened. I had commented on WW UK's status back at the beginning of the month and to my surprise when I was reading the UK magazine there was my comment!! Sure they spelled my surname wrong - but it was nice to be included!! 


  1. OMG THAT'S AMAZING! :) You look amazing - Really inspirational :)

  2. I'm thrilled for you Zoe, expect excitement tomorrow! And I agree with you about Palmer's firming butter xx

  3. Well done Zoe, this is a fab confidence boost for you too aswell as showing the whole country how well you've done :)
    Love all the above outfits :)

  4. Zoe,
    I just read your piece in the RTE guide - a huge congratulations.

  5. Well done and you look fabulous. I love the shoes, your right they are divine.