Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Sick is NO Fun!!!

There is nothing worse than being sick! No matter what it is that is wrong, you just want to feel better and crave anything that will give you that warm nice feeling. For a lot of us the first thing you think of is food. Lovely comforting, rich warm food. So being sick while trying to lose weight is a bit of a nightmare.

My immune system seems to hate me lately, it's just one thing after the other. For the most part I have been ignoring it which is never a good thing. I have let myself get run down and so am letting everything in. Unfortunately
the one thing that has most definitely not been affected. If anything I am hungrier than ever to try and keep me moving. I have managed to keep myself on track and somehow keep up my newfound exercise routine - that is until today. From the moment I sat down at my desk in work this morning I just gradually got worse and worse throughout the day. I felt like I had no energy yet I had lots of work I needed to do and so I had a bigger lunch than I should have, and did not even bother thinking/tracking the propoints. I also couldn't make the bootcamp class I was planning to go to this evening and while I had a very healthy low propointed dinner, I felt I needed to share the leftovers of yesterdays dessert.

I am off to the doctor tomorrow who will hopefully give me a magic pill and make me all better by tomorrow afternoon, but I have a feeling this may continue for at least another day or two. If anyone has any tips for staying on track when feeling absolutely miserable - please please please share them with me!! I'm determined to have a 100% on track day tomorrow!!