Sunday, April 14, 2013

First 10k done!!

Today was the day of the Great Ireland Run - the day I have been dreading since I got back from Vegas. My training had come to a screeching halt before I headed to vegas and I was not able to get back on track after coming home. I was determined to get out there and do my best, all I really wanted to do was cross the finish line faster than last years mini marathon time which was 1hr35 minutes. And to be honest between the queueing for the toilets after 2k - and all crowding last year I would have been very upset if it took me longer than that. 

We were blessed with the weather today, well apart from the wind that prompted an actual tornado warning. At least it was dry though, after yesterdays rain that was all I was hoping for. I have to say as well how impressed we were with the organisation. We may not have set off exactly on time but the starting groups were not over crowded and so once you passed the start line there were not loads of people getting in your way. I started in the pink wave which was the slowest wave and I had visions of loads of walkers crowding there way to the front like what happens with the mini marathon, but once you crossed the start line there was plenty of room to overtake or not get in others way and just run at your own place. 

The course was great, and there were only a few points that I was running into the wind which is good. The terrain in the Phoenix Park is a little more hilly than I am used to and even though they didn't seem that steep some of them were killer. I knew I would not be able to run the whole 10k - but I was happy enough to make it to the 5k point before I had to walk. I did take a few walking breaks at intervals over the last 5k but I think in total I only walked about 1 full kilometre - and for all of the times I walked I kept the pace fast - even overtaking some of the joggers. 

My fastest ever 10k was the mini marathon back in 2008, when I considered myself to be the heigh of my fitness and I managed 1 hour 6 minutes. I hadn't imagined I would near that time so I was so absolutely thrilled and delighted when my runkeeper app showed me that I crossed this finish line today at 1 hour 5 minutes. I have a new record!!!!! I am so delighted with my time and it has just motivated me even more for the next one. 

While I love the Mini Marathon - the crowds just make it impossible to get any sort of pace going for the first kilometre at least. Its a fantastic day out and I am really looking forward to getting out there and trying to at least match if not better my new record!! 

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  1. You're absolutely tiny! You look fab. And well done, congrats on a great time.