Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back to Reality!!

Vegas is most definitely not a place for weight watchers! It is the city of indulgence in every sense of the word, which also means it is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. I was there for 4 days and loved every second!! 

Gambling fun! 
I gambled far too much, drank far too much and ate far too much but if I am honest it was worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have to say though 4 days at a time is most definitely enough for Las Vegas and any more may be considered too indulgent. Had I stayed any longer I would come back in serious debt and closer to my starting weight than my goal weight. 

Some of the highlights of my trip included all of the gambling - the slot machines there are so much more than you can imagine. There are bonus games, cartoon touchscreens, songs and all sorts - its like gambling for children but they are so fun it is easy to lose a lot of money very quickly. I did win big a couple of times, as demonstrated in the above, but for the most part the slots were where I lost. The tables are a little more intimidating but for the likes of blackjacks you do have slightly better odds and once you get over the fear they are a lot of fun!
Wearing summer clothes and feeling good! 
The weather was another high point! We were pretty much never cold and wearing summer clothes the whole time. We did a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon which I couldn't recommend more. It was pretty pricey and I did have my doubts that it would be worth the money. I am also more afraid of heights than anyone I know, I have been known to cry when no more than a few feet off the ground so naturally I was very apprehensive, in fact I did have a little cry while we were watching the health and safety video before. Once we were up in the air though, just a couple of moments after takeoff, every fear and apprehension was gone. It was one of the most amazing things and the most amazing sights I have seen. 

We stayed in the Bellagio which is by far the nicest hotels I have every stayed in. Pure luxury all the way - there were 5 pools, loads of restaurants and designer shops and it was just exquisite in every way.   In saying that there are so many amazing hotels and one of the things you have to do when there is try and visit as many of them as possible. They are all worth a look but some of my favourites were Caesars Palace, New York New York, The MGM Grand and The Cosmopoliton.

Pre Buffet pig out! 

Then there is the buffet - something which is a must do but also something that is in no way shape or form weight watcher friendly. All the hotels have one but we chose the one in The Wynne. It's an all you can eat buffet and it has everything you could possibly imagine to eat. We were there on Easter weekend so the prices were raised a little bit and so we felt that we had to eat even more to get our moneys worth. You know that feeling of over full that weight watchers tells you not to get to - the over inflated balloon  Well I got there and waved good bye as I loaded my plate up again. It was the most mixed brunch I have ever had. Bacon and eggs, prawns, sushi, spring rolls, ribs, french toast, pancakes and a cinnamon roll. There may have been more but thats what I remember. I have never been more full in my entire life but it was something that had to be done over there. Its a part of vegas and I can't say I regret it. 

I am sure I am up a few pounds but I'm back on track and hopefully what ever went on will be off by weigh in on Tuesday. And if not by Tuesday it will be gone by the following weigh in! 


  1. Welcome back Zoe!
    You had an amazing time by the sounds of it, so glad, and the photos are great.
    I want sushi, rashers, ribs and a cinnamon roll for breakfast now #greenwithenvy.
    A special week lies ahead, are you ready?
    If it's up, you know those immortal words of wisdom-
    Get over it and get in with it!
    CU Tue.
    M x

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