Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weigh In 7 - GOAL!!

I GOT TO GOAL!!! This week I lost a surprising 1.5lbs which brings me down to 10stone 7lbs. It may not be my original goal, but this is where I am happy. I have been talking about this a lot over the last few weeks so I think you all know where I stand.

Its been quite a journey for me. If I go back to when I first started, just before my 17th birthday, I wish someone had told me then just how good it felt to get to goal - it may not have taken me over 10 years and multiple rejoins to actually make it there. I had been so close so many times and for some reason or another was never quite able to carry it through. In saying that over the years WW has definitely kept my weight fairly steady, fluctuating by at most a stone over the years. It was only when I went travelling and gave it up completely that I ballooned  When I joined last time last January (for what will be the last time I ever rejoin) I was heavier than I have ever been. It shocked me to see 14stone on the scales - and I knew that I never wanted to see that again.

And here I am just over a year later and 52.5lbs lighter feeling on top of the world. This blog has been a huge help to me in terms of motivation and accountability. I find once I start writing it gets me set up for the next week and works through any issues I had the week before. Its a place that I can look back and see where I was at and what I was thinking. I've never tracked my progress so well in WW before and having one place where I have it fully recorded has been great.

Now all thats left to do is maintain. I have been told I have to be a bit more relaxed now. I get to add 3 extra propoints per day and see how I get on with that. It will be quite and adjustment but I am ready for this new challenge!


  1. Well done you, you've made amazing progress, I look forwards to reading how you get on with the maintenance side of things!

  2. I've just read a few entries there and wow! An inspiration! You've really given me the motivation to get there and not keep having 2stone to goal and going off track :-)
    Well done!